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These decorative platforms each feature a subtle recessed curve along their forms. Their slightly raised platforms are for placement atop interior surfaces for the display of precious objects. Their combination of flat and concave spaces gesture towards their use for display of objects of varying forms. The concave space can be used to contain curved objects. They’re created with hardwood and each is hand tinted with specialized colors, making each piece more special and unique. The unique color becomes an accent for interiors for placement on your coffee table, desk, shelf or credenza.

recess(circle)by Nina Cho_web.jpg
recess by Nina Cho 4_web.jpg
recess(pill)by Nina Cho 2_web.jpg
recess(pill)by Nina Cho_web.jpg
recess by Nina Cho 3_web.jpg
recess by Nina Cho 2_web.jpg
recess(rectangle)by Nina Cho_web.jpg
recess by Nina Cho 5_web.jpg
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