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Broom-Broom, 2021

Brooms are usually stored in hidden spaces of the home. I wanted to create a broom that could be versatile, so when it’s not in use, it hangs beautifully as a wall object, when it’s in use, there are two brushes which can be used for different types of sweeping. When you hold the top part of the handle where it curves, you can use a long broom corn for floor sweeping. If you hold the long end of the wood where it connects to the floor broom , you can use the short horsehair bristles for  table top sweeping.


Spout, 2014

Most soap containers are designed with flat bottoms that trap dirty water, creating an unsanitary mess. These vessels for your soap and toothbrush address the problem with elegant spouts to easily empty excess water after each use. Runoff is naturally directed along the sloping surface and pours out the spout to keep it from pooling at the bottom. It’s a simple solution which has clean lines and silhouettes with intuitive functionality.

Womb Lighting by Nina Cho.jpg

Womb Lighting, 2015

Through a process of slip casting porcelain, I create a lighting piece which plays between direct and diffused light. A slit down the center of the piece permits a bright beam while the translucent porcelain emits a warm glow. The undulating rise and fall of the curved bulge brings an organic quality to the lighting. The intention behind this project is to create a surreal moment with a unique form which protrudes from the wall to give light. 


Wobble Container, 2013

When people return home each day, the first thing they do is put down their keys, wallet, and cell phone. However, the next day they may easily forget where they put these small but important objects. I want to create something to help people remember. These wobbling containers are simple forms that respond to use with gentle movement and sound.

Ideal Home Project_web.jpg

Ideal Home Project, Single Living, 2013

“I only need one piece of furniture. That is enough.”
Today there are many people who live alone. I want to design an ideal home for a single person. This circular furniture object accommodates all daily activities for one, including resting, eating, and sleeping.


Trivet and Oven Mitt design
designing for breakfast rituals, 2013

Many people are too busy to cook breakfast in the morning, and may rely on a microwave oven to save time. I have found it difficult to carry hot dishes to the table after heating my food. Based on this, I have combined the functions of oven mitt and trivet into a new object that people can easily use.



A side table and a lamp on it, one does not belong to the other. The unaffected connection or combination of two parts could be possible without harming each other’s functionality. Lift up the upper plate slowly, then soft and warm light will show up to your eyes.

조지형_평범한나평범한너가만나환상이되다_메인 copy.jpg

Two Wrongs Make a Right… So Right, 2012

An ordinary object meets ordinary lights to create a fantastic light show, displaying the power of congregation of the ordinary.

작품사진_full version.jpg

Tack! Be comfortable!, 2010

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