This project is a continuation of my interest in exploring a sculptural form language that blurs the line between an art object and a functional product. This project also pursues the aesthetics of abstraction and creates ambiguity in the form of the object. I simplified the form by leaving only what is essential to create structure and basic function. Aesthetically, I chose to focus on fundamental factors by highlighting the materials through color and finish. I have resisted confining the functional aspects of my work so people may have the freedom to use each product in their own unique way within the given form of the furniture type.

For the corner shelf, I aimed to bridge and connect the estranged wall spaces on each side of an outside corner. The shelves create a continuum from one space to the other. The brass shelf offers a space for showcasing your important possessions and the reflective surface allows users to use it as a face mirror.

The coffee table consists of only necessary parts. The top panel functions as the surface of the table. The two vertical panels and the bottom sheet create support for the table and suggest a space for the storage or display of personal items. The form follows functional needs yet exists as a bold sculptural object.

By taking a sheet and simply cutting and bending it, the floor storage object makes space for displaying your magazines, books or anything else. It sits on the floor like a symbolic sculpture.

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