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Nina Cho interviewed with PBS NewsHour

August 2021

PBS NewsHour aired a feature highlighting the exhibition With Eyes Opened: Cranbrook Academy of Art Since 1932 at the Cranbrook Art Museum. Most importantly, the history of Cranbrook's contribution to chair design. PBS NewsHour spoke with Cranbrook Art Museum Director Andrew Blauvelt, Cranbrook Academy of Art alumna Nina Cho (3D Design '15), and Cranbrook Academy of Art Designer-in-Residence and Head of 3D Design, Scott Klinker – all of whom are featured in the segment.

Watch it on PBS NewsHour

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Nina Cho is featured in the book,

Design in Asia, The New Wave

September 2020

Design in Asia is an exposition of 100 of the most promising emerging designers working throughout the region today. With a foreword by Aric Chen, Design in Asia is published by Thames & Hudson. The deluxe edition is hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies. Stored in a refined slipcase, this special edition is available solely through Design Anthology.

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Nino Cho has donated a one-of-a-kind hand drawing inspired by the concepts of mutual support and connection. 

June 2020

I created a hand drawing of a candle holder. The two candles are a metaphor for social distancing;  they are apart, but still supporting one another. The holder connects one candle to another and though it may seem unstable, the black block in the center firmly sustains and balances them. We are bringing light and staying hopeful together. 

The drawing was created for a fundraiser organized by Design Miami and Anava Project. I hope to realize the candle holders in the near future. 

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Maung Maung Mirrors are the winner of 2020 NYCXDESIGN awards presented by Interior Design Magazine

May 2020


Nina Cho received American Design Honors

February 2020

WantedDesign announced Nina Cho as the recipient of

the 6th Annual American Design Honors, presented with Bernhardt Design.

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Nina Cho is featured in the book,

100 books every designer should know in German.

November 2019 

Nina Cho recommended the book below.

Designing design

Book by Kenya Hara

I read this book in 2008 when I was an undergraduate student in the Woodworking and Furniture Design Department. Kenya Hara’s approach to design blew my mind. The project I was most impressed by in the book was using white cotton fabrics to design signage inside the hospital for pregnant women and children. Normally white fabrics become dirty easily, making them seem a poor choice in a place that prioritized cleanliness. Hara, however, saw this as a positive attribute in that by maintaining the white fabrics regularly, the hospital could showcase their commitment to good hygiene and support their ethos of health. I think it’s a paradoxical way of thinking to find an answer and definitely lead to a creative solution. Seeing Hara take his own distinctive approach to the design process helped influence me to do the same. I felt inspired to strengthen and embrace my unique way of design thinking.


Nina Cho solo show curated by Colony 

Date: Nov 14th - Jan 24th 

Location: Morris Adjmi Architects

                     60 Broad st, 32nd FL, New York, NY 10004

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